What if we went back in time to change the outcome of the Commerical Society of the colonial Industrial Quaters of The Christmas City, in Bethlehem PA to a SOCIALMARKET?  If every Knight of the Kingdom received 100% Fruit of Labor for cooperating in social enterprises would we have a different more equitable society?  We’ll the great thing is we do not need to have a time machine to accomplish this today.  We have something more trans-formative that keeps intact the history that lead us on this path to economic and social decline.  We may never have to look back, though some people may need to be reminded of how we got here and how we fixed the problem.

How this works is we bring back all the brands and products of long ago all the way up until the most recent defunct brands and companies of recent times.  This time we will operate them as SOCIALMARKET Social Enterprises to benefit the members and local communities.  Every Knight that grants their time and education will receive 100% Fruit of Labor.

This is probably the most important socioeconomic experiment in human history.  What if co-operators received 100% of Life, Liberty and Property that their governments are taxed with defending?  As a society this has never really been accomplished.  What are the effects on crime, poverty and even terrorism?  What will governments do with all the extra capital gains revenue that will flood into their coffers?

Well the great thing is we have the power to make this happen in our own Alternate Reality World – SOCIALMARKET.