We do not have to change the world.  We can choose to live in our own world.  A world that protects 100% Life, Liberty and Property (Fruit of Labor).  We can live and co-operate through Social Altruism (reciprocal cooperation) without the collectivist nature of socialism.  We can keep our property and grant rights to it through the SOCIALMARKET and still retain Individual ownership.  We do not have to loose Individualism to enrich the society.

Become a Knight today,  so we have a tomorrow.

This is the First Alternate Reality World.

The world as prophesied ended as we know it on 9/23/2017.  The day after the end of there being just one reality will forever shape civilization for generations to come.  One 9/24/2017 there are now two parallel timelines.  The original timeline is unscathed up until 9/23/2017.  A fractured or split timeline was created on this date though is not fully realized at once.  We have the power to build our new world through an event that occurred 175 years earlier in 1842.  Changing the outcome of this event will dramatically alter human sociality in the new Alternate Reality World.

The year 1842 is a nexus in the outcome of all humanity through what would become the Industrial Revolution.  With a slight change through the use of social exchange theory at the time and a better understanding of Natural Cooperation (see Martin Novak) there becomes a shift in economics and social outcomes for all citizens.  We do not need to go back in time to fix this problem.  Instead we can bring back all the social enterprises that existed through time and use SOCIALMARKET theory to change the future in our new world.

Just as the Industrial Revolution locally spring boarded from a Social Market in Bethlehem, PA we can change the future through an Alternate Reality World through SOCIALMARKET.  If only in 1842 we knew about the power of SOCIALMARKET we might be living in a different world now.   We can’t rewrite history though we can put our future on the right path going forward.  We can choose to live in a world that compensates labor with 100% Property (Fruit of Labor) for the first time since the Constitution guaranteed to protect our rights.

The year 1842 is pivotal to the ending of an era of communal cooperativism.  This started the Great Commercial Society that has not been so great for many people.  With the sale of the 1752 Social Market in Bethlehem from the church to a member.  Humanity had lost one of the last chances to alter the development of a True Free Market economy (SOCIALMARKET).  We had the opportunity at this incredibly important time to change how we would live for the next 175 years.

We could have fulfilled our Natural Rights to 100% Life, Liberty and Property.   Through SOCIALMARKET we can undue this injustice.  We can finally “Keep our earn”, instead of earn our keep.  

We have been victimized and abused for too long.  We now have a world that benefits us all.  This includes the Capitalists and Coopertivists without going down the road of socialism or collectivism.  We can keep our property and Individualism.  We can stop paying fines for stealing other people’s property (sales, income, and property taxes).

The Alternate Reality World is evolving as time goes on just like the old world.

This time we have the tools to beat theft of property, and inflation through:

Altruist Society:  Individuals that keep ownership of their own property (non-collectivist) while benefiting from the surplus of reciprocal cooperation that occurs in groups over time.

Granted Rights:  Our ability to put property into the SOCIALMARKET.

GIFT Currency:  Medium of exchange that turns Social Altruism efficiency into capital gains.

SOCIALMARKET: Marketplace for 100% Fruit of Labor goods and services.

100% Fruit of Labor:  A formula that can be applied to any business, or contract to make sure the worker/cooperator is receiving their full property.

Percentage Tag:  %percentagetag social media equivalent of an old world hashtag (#).  This time in our new world the % symbol stands for 100% Fruit of Labor.

GIFT:  Bitshares User Issued Asset for exchanging GIFT Currency at SOCIALMARKET value among members outside of the SOCIALMARKET through a decentralized exchange (bitshares).